• E-commerce in Russian regions
  • E-commerce market in Russia
  • Monitoring of e-commerce development
  • Digital advertisement: profiles and trends

Ad-hoc researches

  • Mystery shopper research
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Segment researches


  • Auditing of site measurement tools
  • Setup of web statistics for the site
  • Analysis of website statistics

Fulfillment for e-commerce




1. Overview of the Russian fulfillment market. Main figures and trends of the market.

2. Description of fulfillment as a service. The scheme of the life cycle of the order, including

processes that can or cannot be outsourced to the contractor.

3. Recommendations and explanations how to read fulfillment operators’ cards. The chapter

explains what each point in the player's card means.

4. Company profiles. 28 detailed standardized profiles (cards) of companies. The cards have the

same parameters so they can easily be compared with each other.

5. Fulfillment operators’ cases with their customers online stores. Materials provided by players,

describing the solution of problems of different types of customers.


The main results:

1. In 2016, the fulfillment market size reached RUB 7 billion and 23 million parcels.

2. Up to 10% of distance selling, including e-commerce, catalog shopping, teleshopping and MLM,

is processed by fulfillment operators.

3. Fulfillment service is offered by: fulfillment operators (30%), courier companies (26%), online

stores (29%), 3PL and transport companies (15%).

4. More than a half of fulfillment operators have their own courier service, which is used in

addition to the partner delivery network.

5. Courier companies that started the fulfillment business in 2014–2015 did not expect it to grow

into a more complex product than it seems at first glance.


Report of research  -  Fulfillment for e-commerce (pdf, 11Мб)


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