• E-commerce in Russian regions
  • E-commerce market in Russia
  • Monitoring of e-commerce development
  • Digital advertisement: profiles and trends

Ad-hoc researches

  • Mystery shopper research
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Segment researches


  • Auditing of site measurement tools
  • Setup of web statistics for the site
  • Analysis of website statistics

E-commerce order fulfillment services

The research includes:


1. Description of basic and additional order fulfillment services
2. Pros and cons of a third-party order fulfillment
3. Description of the consumer of order fulfillment services - who they are and what they want
4. Market Dynamics - incentives and disincentives, trends
5. The structure of the market, the players classification
6. Profiles of the order fulfillment operators
7. Cases with market participants



The main results


- The market is young, unformed and has no universal IT-systems, billing, work rules and interaction with customers. Competition is weak, just beginning to grow.
- New order fulfillment market players come from neighboring niches. Among them are the courier companies, 3PL-operators, online stores.
- While there are 40 000 online-shops in RuNet the market has only 30+ companies order fulfillment operators.
- Key customers of order fulfillment services: online shops (current and upcoming online) and retail suppliers without online foreign companies who want to the Russian market ecommerce.



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