• E-commerce in Russian regions
  • E-commerce market in Russia
  • Monitoring of e-commerce development
  • Digital advertisement: profiles and trends

Ad-hoc researches

  • Mystery shopper research
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Segment researches


  • Auditing of site measurement tools
  • Setup of web statistics for the site
  • Analysis of website statistics

IAB Russia Digital Advertisers Barometer - 2014



The following is the key results and conclusions of the IAB Russia Digital Advertisers Barometer research, which is a study of opinions of advertisers regarding market, tools and players in this market. This research is primarily a direction indicator of sorts, which shows changes in the market sentiment, their transformation depending on the situation inside the market (inventory, advertising tools, analytics etc.), and the economic situation in the country and in the world. Based on this research, we can draw conclusions about how the situation will change in the future. 


Key results

  • Sixty-five percent of the major Internet companies plan increasing their budgets for interactive advertising by more than 10 percent in 2014.
  • Mobile advertising is the most requested innovation in the market of interactive advertising. All the market participants either want to try it or already use it in their advertising mix.
  • Search advertising is not just the most used form of interactive advertising but also the most growing one.
  • The cost of advertising has virtually no effect on the dynamics of advertising budgets. Neither low nor high cost of advertising, in fact, can be characterized by the bulk of the respondents. To paraphrase the answers of our respondents: “We will use online advertising because we cannot but use it, and this is an issue of a channel without which we cannot do rather than a question of price.”


Report of research  -  IAB Russia Digital Advertisers Barometer - 2014 (pdf, 2Мб)


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