• E-commerce in Russian regions
  • E-commerce market in Russia
  • Monitoring of e-commerce development
  • Digital advertisement: profiles and trends

Ad-hoc researches

  • Mystery shopper research
  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Segment researches


  • Auditing of site measurement tools
  • Setup of web statistics for the site
  • Analysis of website statistics

Freelance in Russia (with PayPal)

The main results


  • 2/3 of Russian freelancers work cross-border
  • Freelancers who work with foreign orders are on average more mature and more prosperous
  • 1/3 of freelancers started to work with foreign clients no more than a year ago
  • 83% of freelancers see international market as extremely promising
  • More than a half of freelancers experience a remarkable rise in income from foreign orders
  • Main difficulties of working with foreign clients: competition, language and time gap

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